Here we go ‘round the Mulberry Bush…

Or in our case the Mulberry tree.


Oh how I love this tree!  I was so happy it survived when my parents built their house…isn’t it so pretty!?!  There’s always a lot of activity under/around/near this tree.  It’s great for climbing too!    I can just hear the kids reminiscing about their memories of this tree 50 years from now. 

Since the weather has been warmer lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.  Last week, I took the kids on a “nature” walk.  Sure…it was just around the compound, but hey, there is a lot to be seen here!

IMG_9116We smelled flowers(J & M)

IMG_9119We found pine cones…and yes, Miss Priss had to go on our nature walk with her pink blankie and her purse!

IMG_9120We hiked (front to back R, J, M & S)

IMG_9121We played with sticks

IMG_9125We talked about how tall some of God’s trees are!

IMG_9127 We even picked some flowers

IMG_9133And when we got back to G.G’s we found a frog on the front porch!

IMG_9137And oh…if you could see the top half of this picture…I'm bummed I didn’t capture it.  Little priss was SO not in to the froggy touching her! (By the way, are those some legs of a little girly girl that LOVES to play outside OR WHAT?!?)

And then last weekend was so warm, we got out their swimsuits and their new water toys that they got for their birthday.  One loved it (Sloan), One liked it(Madden), and the other two wanted nothing to do with the water (Rocco & Jagger.) 

IMG_9166If you look close, you can see Rocco (in the middle) and how much he didn’t like getting wet

But don’t worry, he enjoyed sitting on the sidelines watching the fun…

IMG_9190So sweet!

IMG_9173 She loves the water!

IMG_9182 Madden & his pants on the ground – he’s checking it out too!

I can’t say enough how much I love that the kids get to grow up right next door to some of their big cousins.  And it amazes me how much THEY (the big kids – ages 7-10) seem to love it just as much.  They really are great with the kids and often times are cheap entertainment! Ha!

IMG_9183Evan, Griffin & Nate (front to back)

IMG_9198 Gotta love that brotherly love…Nate & Evan

They are getting smarter about some things though.  Like for instance, you want to eat a snack, you better hide it under a blanket or eat behind a tree, but one thing is for sure, you NEVER bring it out in the open!

IMG_9202 Griffin sharing his snack…he learned the hard way!

IMG_9224 Rylee and her beautiful smile!

IMG_9204 Hank even enjoys the shade of the Mulberry tree

IMG_9220 Jagger watering G.G.’s tree

Oh and the new toy on the compound…

IMG_9208 Is this trouble or what?!?

Happy April everyone!

P.S. We made it through our second RSV season!  Thank you Lord!


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Charity Donovan said...

I am so JEALOUS of your weather!!! I could cry! So much fun!!! Your kiddos are going to have the BEST childhood...so much to do...so many close cousins...it's just incredible! BTW...I can't believe you have an Evan & Nate for nephews -- your siblings have GREAT taste in names! Wink! Wink! =)