Crazy Coupe

Nick laughed as he watched this little situation unfold yesterday and he managed to get some pics with his Iphone for me to enjoy too! I thought it was too funny NOT to share!

photo(6)FYI – we have 3 other vehicles similar to this one.  A cool fire engine that squirts water, a Buzz Lightyear Spaceship that makes neat sounds and a Police Car.  Can anyone explain why it is they ALL want to ride in the pink princess coupe?!?

photoHmmm…this ought to be interesting.

photo(2)Madden - “This thing got room for 3?”

photo(3)You think this is what they had in mind when they named it the cozy coupe?


Jagger – “C’mon guys, let’s rethink this!”


Now that’s more like it!

Hope you have a great week!



jag said...

I love them so much! They just always make me smile:)

I have been wanting to buy a fleet of coupes for the Nuggets, but clearly, one will do. Thanks for the tip!

Amy-Jo said...

So precious! We need those boys to show out girls how it's done. Love them and you all.

Pyjammy Pam said...

that's awesome! reminds me of the picture i posted on FB the other day of the boys in my friend's daughter's barbie car. :D

The McCleary Quads said...

Thats pretty funny. That looks like our kids would try to do, no matter how many of something you got they always want to have the same one that everyone one else does.

The McCleary Quads