Four Little Lambes at the Zoo

I can’t believe we waited this long to bring the kids to the zoo.  Right now they really love looking at animals in books and they know alot of the sounds they make so I just knew this was going to be a great age to take them.   I was so excited for their reactions to see real LIVE animals.  Not to mention we have been having great zoo weather!



I think tigers are probably the most popular animal in our household….with no influences from momma & daddy, I promise!  So when I realized the tiger exhibit was the first one, I was anxious to show them and hoped that the tigers were awake.

IMG_6742At the first exhibit, they were sleeping.

IMG_6743 I think Sloan was the only one that really noticed the sleeping tiger

IMG_6745 At the second exhibit, the tiger was walking straight towards us.  Notice the body language:
Sloan & Rocco – watching & maybe even leaning in a bit
Madden – If he wasn’t strapped in, I know he would have been out of that wagon SO fast!
Jagger – Also wanting to jump out the wagon.  Make no mistake even though he was pointing at the tiger, I will tell you he was crying all the while saying “Tiger, Tiger!”
I really wish I had video footage of this.  The pic just doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_6746 Roc and Sloan and a little monkey

IMG_6749 Pretty walk through the nature trail!

IMG_6751 Waiting for the otters to come out and play

IMG_6753 There’s one!

IMG_6758 3 cool dudes!

After the tiger scare, Jagger did pretty well with the rest of the animals.  Madden, on the other hand, did not.  He was just a little uneasy of every moving non-human.  This was a bit of a surprise to us because he is not usually frightened so easily.

IMG_6759 This was pretty much Madden’s face (and he had the whine to go with it) when we said “LOOK at the _________!!!”  It was actually kind of funny…my poor buddy!


IMG_6763 Rocco entering the hippo

IMG_6767  Madden finding it much more fun to be playing on the playground away from all those stinky animals!

What a great memory this zoo trip is! Can’t wait to make many many more!  Maybe we’ll go to the New Orleans Zoo next time. 




Betsy Gilbride said...

HOW in the world do you get them to wear sunglasses?? ADORABLE. I'm going to try the zoo soon.....

waiting said...

Reid liked our first trip so much that we went back last Friday with Wyatt. (He was out of school.) Once again, Reid loved it!!! He sits so still in his stroller and takes it all in! We will go back frequently I'm sure. Maybe we can go with yall when they get a little older:) Glad you had fun with them! They are so precious!

The Cochran Crew said...

Lemme know when you head to NO, we'll meet ya at the zoo! Love the sweet lil faces!

Sunny said...

I know our babies aren't quite here yet, but looking at these pictures makes me oh so excited for those days to come! They are adorable!!!