Happy Birthday Kami!

In the early years of our relationship, I thought Kami was over sensitive. I now realize that Kami has the biggest heart of any person I have ever met! She is the best wife and momma imaginable – she amazes me daily! She is beautiful. She’s my best friend. She is wise. She is witty. She is not selfish. She keeps me grounded. Did I mention she was beautiful – she is!

Kami, I hope you have the best birthday yet! I look forward to everyday with you by my side!

We love you!
Nick, Sloan, Rocco, Madden and Jagger


Anonymous said...

AWWWW Nick!!!! So sweet!!! LOVED EVERY WORD!!!!
Happy Birthday Kami Shea

Stephanie said...

How sweet!!!
Happy Birthday Kami!!!

Jac Tubre said...

So sweet...and true! You are an amazing woman Kami Lambe - Happy Birthday...belated :(

Kelly Trullinger said...

What a wonderful husband! AWWW! Love you girl..happy belated Birthday!