Our First Christmas

Well, we started the week off with ear infections and nasty colds/coughs. I can say it wasn't an ideal first Christmas because of the sickness, but it was still wonderful and my best Christmas to date! Our festivities started with the Rogers (my) family and ended with the Lambes - actually we are still enjoying the company of Nick's family that is in from out of town. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the annual Christmas Eve candlelight service at church this year, but we did use our dimmer light switch and listen to O Holy Night on the radio which was my attempt to create our own Christmas Eve service. As if Christmas with our beautiful, healthy quads wasn't exciting enough, we also learned that our family will increase by two more next year. NO...I'm not pregnant...but my brother, Travis, and his wife Sissy are expecting their third along with my cousin Jana and her hubby Casey expecting their first. So exciting! Last year we were saying..."just wait til next year!" and this year we are saying "just wait til next year!" I have a feeling Christmases around here are just going to get better and better with each year.

In quaddie news, Sloan is officially crawling...Jagger is oh so close. Sloan also is saying ma-ma and da-da all the time, and in my opinion it is the sweetest sound! And her latest milestone....she pulled up to her feet on Christmas day. Rocco and Jagger both have two teeth on the bottom and top. Madden has two on bottom and 1 on top. These crazy boys are still only rolling one way and are not crawling yet but will get up on their knees. Unofficial weights...Sloan & Rocco - about 22 lbs, Jagger - almost 20lbs, and Madden - almost 19 lbs. Sloan has proven to be the rock star sleeping baby...she goes down and she's golden. The boys have been giving us trouble with sleeping lately, but I am thinking it was teething first then their ear infections that are causing the sleepless nights. Hopefully, we will be getting a little more shut-eye around here soon!

I put together this montage of our first Christmas together. It does include some pictures from the weeks leading up to Christmas. Hope you had a Merry Little Christmas with yours!



Ms. Beverly said...

What a wonderful way to share. It was lovely to see th Rogers family as well. I wish Sissy a morning sickness FREE pregnancy. All the children are beautiful. Both you parents must feel very blessed with beautiful grandchildren. HAPPY NEW YEARS to all.

Lisa said...

LOVE the video! What a wonderful 1st of many Christmases to come!

lori said...

What a darling family! Please tell us how you tell the boys apart.