Look Who's In Town?

Yep, that's right...Santa Claus paid us a visit Saturday night. We were curious to see how they would react to jolly ol' St. Nick. They did meet Santa in the mall a few weeks ago (before the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers and we were the first ones to get there and to leave - I promise!) and they all did fine, but I think they were more curious about their surroundings than anything else. To see him on their turf....would it be a different story?

To Rocco - I think so! Not as bad as it could have been so I will attribute his sour attitude to his napping (or lack of) on Saturday!

Even after G.G. saved him, he was still looking like, "who's this crazy man in my house?!?"

"I've been good Santa, really I have!?!" - Jagger

No stranger or Santa anxiety for Madden!

"What can you do for me Santa?" - Sloan

Say "Cheese!" or not!

I can't wait to share our Christmas festivities with you. We took the babies to the doctor today for colds (all 4) and ear infections (the boys.) I'm hoping the antibiotics will have them feeling much better by Christmas day!

Merry Christmas,


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George W. Randall said...

Kami and Nick,
I love seeing those four beautiful blessings! God has been so good! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Merry Christmas from NJ. Love, Bethel Ann