Oh So Thankful...

Especially over the past few years, I've tried to make being thankful a part of my daily routine. When we were struggling with infertility, everyday, every conversation, every smell, every moment could remind me of my longing to have children. I found that it helped to make a conscious effort to be thankful about something...anything during those times. I still try to do that. I have to admit though, it is much easier to be thankful when things in your life are going well. The problem may become taking our blessings for granted or forgetting to BE THANKFUL! We ARE blessed and are truly thankful this week as we celebrate our first Thanksgiving as a family.

I have a feeling life is about to get real exciting! Not that it hasn't been for the last nine months, it's just another phase...another chapter in our incredible journey with multiples. We had our nine month check up last week. Other than the babies having to get their seasonal flu shot, shots in general are not fun, it went well. I know I've said it before but they are growing so fast...I can't believe how big they are already. Each day they do something new, just little things, and it's so exciting. All of the babies are on the growth charts now for height and weight of their REAL age not their adjusted age! To think back to nine months ago, my precious babies were so beautiful, but so weak and so puny. And now, they are still beautiful (if I do say so), but they are so strong and healthy...glory to our God.

Sloan - 20lbs 11ozs, 27 1/4" long - 75th percentile for weight and 25th-50th percentile for height
Rocco - 20lbs 7ozs, 27 3/4" long - 50th percentile for weight and 25th-50th percentile for height
Madden - 17lbs 9ozs, 26 1/2" long - 10th percentile for weight and 3rd percentile for height
Jagger - 18lbs 6ozs, 27" long - 25th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height

All of the babies are over the 95th percentile for their head circumference. Not sure where the big heads come from :) Sorry Nick! The boys have two teeth each and Sloan just got her first one this past week. So now we can start with finger foods...oh the mess! Also, Sloan is doing the "commando" crawl...she can get anywhere that determined little head of hers wants to go. AND she was the first to say the first word which was.....drum roll...."Ma-Ma!" Yeah...I was told they usually say da-da first so needless to say I was really pumped!

Jagger proudly showing off his pearly whites

Rocco is not too sure!

Madden: "No way...I'm showing you!"

"Nope...not gonna do it!"

"Awe man...that tickling gets me every time!"

Sloan in full commando crawl motion

"It's hard work and it messes up my hair!"

The babies have all been a little under the weather this past week with colds, congestion and crud. This is our first bout with everyone being sick at once....talk about being thankful! We are so thankful for ALL of our healthy days and the fact that they far outnumber the sick ones! I do believe the fog is slowly lifting.

Hope you have a great week!



Tracy said...

Growing up! Sorry they are sick....won't be that last. :(

Renee said...

Saw your story on WAFB many months agp and I've been following ever since. I have to agree with you--the babies are beautiful. I love the photos in your last post. Simply precious! Couldn't help but notice Sloan out weighs her brothers. You go girl! Show them who's the boss! :)