It's Gameday!

It's finally here. The first LSU game of the season! We taught our kids to be Tiger fans before birth - if you remember, I had a LSU flag hanging in my hospital room in Phoenix. Sloan, Rocco, Madden and Jagger have all predicted victory for the Tigers against Washington tonight.

So in honor of the big day, we sported our LSU attire and there also was a special dish on the menu (besides the Huskies, of course!) The babies bleed eat purple and gold!

Little Tiger Madden

Our Golden Girl Sloan

What is it? Butternut squash with sweet corn & Blueberries with apples....Yummy!

Daddy and his 3 future Tigers (Madden, Jagger, Rocco)

The boys watching Gameday

Sloan's ready for kickoff...too bad she will be long asleep before it happens!

This was Madden's reaction when daddy told him he couldn't go to the game this time

Hope everyone enjoys this Saturday full of football! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!



Rebecca Armendariz said...

Hahaha... These pictures are amazing. ;)

Renee said...

I've been following your blog since the day your story aired on WAFB but never left a comment. But after seeing those precious Babes in their LSU attire I had to leave a comment. Simply precious! Goooooo Tigers! L-S-U!

Cochran Quads said...

Okay, this ranks as one of the best posts ever! The look on Nick's face with his boys is AWESOME! And Sloan in her pretty pink LSU shirt gave me chill bumps!! I can only imagine the first tailgate party with the Tubre Quads, the Lambe Quads and the Cochran Quads, Baton Rouge won't know what hit em!!!! Love the pics and the purple and gold dinner portions, PRECIOUS!! GEAUX TIGERS GEAUX!

Amy said...

that last picture is hilarious! i love that you fed them LSU colored food today. They all look so cute in their tiger gear.

Sandra, i didn't' know y'all were tiger fans. lemme know when that tailgate party is b/c that sounds like a fun time!

Jac Tubre said...

Those boys are just too much! I still can't get over just how identical they are!

And miss priss in her pink LSU jersey...seriously? SERIOUSLY? Too stinkin cute!