Honest Scrap

It seems as though I was nominated by my friend Sandra for the Honest Scrap Award! The idea is to share 10 honest things about yourself that your blog readers may not know about you, and then pass the award on by nominating 7 others to do the same thing. I usually don't do these sort of things, but thought it might be fun....

1. I am a reality TV junkie. I'm such a sucker for all those shows! I love getting nice and cozy on the couch for a hot date with Jeff Probst or Chris Harrison...just doesn't get much better than that! Hey, I'm not proud of it but they told me to be honest, right?

2. There have been some occasions where I have gone to bed without bathing, but never have I gone to bed without washing my feet! I HAVE to have clean feet before hitting the hay. I don't know...just helps me sleep better or something.

3. I always pick up my trash in a movie theater. It's the polite thing to do.

4. I LOVE music...all types of music. If only I could carry a tune!

5. Sundays are the day I look forward to the most. The ultimate family day....church, huge home-cooked meal at GGs and Big Pops, and Sunday afternoon naps! For the longest time, I really believed everyone napped on Sundays. I think I was in high school before I realized that some people actually did other stuff than napping on Sundays.

6. My greatest joy in life is being a momma. I still consider myself a rookie (like forgetting to bring a diaper bag with me to Jagger's eye doctor appointment, leaving Madden exposed too long while trying to find the diaper cream and the poor guy pees all over himself, and well, you get the picture!) I can't wait to grow as a mom and watch my kids grow!

7. I love to laugh. One of the reasons I love Nick so much is because he makes me laugh. And we laugh a lot!

8. I'm not the best housekeeper. I do what it takes to get by but truth is, I would much rather spend the time on the floor playing with the kiddos...we don't get these moments back! So what I am saying is...if you want to come over for dinner sometime just don't eat off my floors :)

9. I like a good cry. Not the real-life kind but the kind that when you cry from watching a tv show or a movie. And I'm not talking about a small tear in the eye...I like the kind where you are sobbing uncontrollably and your husband is looking at you like you are some kind of freak! I just feel so good afterwards. Weird, I know!

10. I deeply cherish my girlfriends and our relationships. We have been through lots together and they are the greatest. I hate talking on the phone though so I make time for the girls at least once a month. I wish it could be more often though!

There's mine! Now, let's hear from...

Jac from The Tubre Quads
Misty from The Urech Quads
Kami from The Crisanti Quads
Maria from The Carlsons
Suz from Steece's Pieces
Suzy from Four by Two
Enjoli from the McDaniel Family




Stephanie said...

Great posts!! I'm a sucker for reality tv too!!

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

People do other things than nap on Sunday afternoon??? That's news to me!

Jac Tubre said...

You're on sista!

LOVED it. You crack me up!


Cochran Quads said...

Love that you love a good cry! I think me, you and Jac need a serious chic flick crying weekend! Love Ya!

Suzanne said...

holy cow girlfriend! i was jotting down my honest scrap on a post it a couple of nights ago and number one was CLEAN FEET before i get into bed---i could be 3 days without a shower, but by gholly, my feet will be clean before i get into bed and i'll feel all better! lol. love it.
great list!