What's in a name?

One of the first questions anyone usually asks is "what did you do when you found out you were expecting quads?" A close second is "how did you come up with those names?" Contrary to popular belief, we did not name our babies after rock stars, wrestlers, or even a litter of dogs. You see, the baby name game has always been a recurring conversation in our household...starting the day we got married. Through the years our preferences have changed and 9 times out of 10 we did not even agree on baby names. However when we found out we were having quads and how unique the pregnancy was, we decided that we wanted the babies to have unique names. But names, real names....not the made up kind that they would have trouble learning to spell or someone might have trouble pronouncing (although we have had someone mess up Rocco....how is that even possible?) Unfortunately, there is not cool story on how we came up with them, but here goes:

Sloan Olivia - the name Sloan came from a TV show that we watch and since it can be either a boy or girl name, I wanted a super feminine middle name to go with it. I pictured a pretty, bright-eyed little girl.

Rocco Dean - the name Rocco came from a book, Cool Names for Babies. Once we picked Rocco, Dean just came out one day and just stuck. We thought he sounded like one pretty cool kid...turns out he is!

Madden Jax - the name Madden came from me looking online at nurseries. One nursery had Madden in wooden letters on the wall and I really do not recall where Jax came from. We (or Nick would insert "I" instead of we here) thought about calling him "MJ" but once we saw him, he was such a Madden.

Jagger Cole - Nick came home with this one after we found out we were having 3 boys....we didn't know what Sloan was yet. He saw it on a baby name list online. And Cole was decided on late in the game, but I think it goes nicely with Jagger.

Does the baby fit the name or the name fit the baby? We have often wondered this. Recently, my parents were on a vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. They were at a little craft show and happened on a booth with framed names and a poem to go with each one. Immediately they started looking for their grandchildren's names. They have nine. They found every name with even the correct spelling. Of course, they had to buy them! I found it very interesting to read the poems and thought I would share them with you.
"Center of attention"? - check.

We LOVE Madden's smile!

All nine names are displayed at my parent's house. It will be fun to see in the years to come if the poems ring true.

By the way, if you want to know the answer to the first question...we laughed, cried and prayed, BUT we never looked back! :)




Tracy said...

Those are awesome! I can't believe they found each name!

Moni Graf said...

How perfect and fitting....just like the Lambe Quads! Love it.

Also, GREAT close up pics in the previous post. Such gorgeous babies!


Cochran Quads said...

Those are beautiful!! Your parents are so so sweet!!! Love all your babies names!!! Especially Cole :)

jag said...

Great story! Love the display of names!

Stephanie said...

What a neat post!! I love the poems and how they have them displayed!!

Katie B said...

You know I love them!! Love watching them grow- maybe one day I will see them in person before they are 15?!?

Bethany said...

I'm so jealous they found madden. We have an almost 1 year old and we named him madden Weston. We wanted something unique but not made up. We absolutely love it. Great name choices!

Army Wife said...

What an amazing tribute to each of their darling grandkids!