1/2 Year Old!

The babies are 6 months old today....yes, already! Sometimes it seems as though I've known them forever. Well, they are everything I have always dreamed of and more! GG and I took Rocco and Sloan for their 6 month visit this morning while Grandmama stayed with Madden and Jagger. I decided after their last visit with shots that bringing all four at once was a bit hectic...to say the least. There just wasn't enough time or hands to comfort each crying baby after shots. Two at a time works much better. So Jagger and Madden will go for their checkup on Friday. Dr. said Rocco and Sloan are doing great.

Sloan - 15lbs 4ozs, 24" long
Rocco - 16lbs 3ozs, 25"long

Both are in the 25th percentile for weight and 5th percentile for height.

In honor of their half birthday, we took some videos of them last night before baths. (Note: Babies crying in the background are not being tortured! They tend to be quite fussy right before their bedtime bottle and since their entertainer, aka daddy, was dubbing as videographer at the time...they were even a little more upset!)





I will update on Friday with Madden's & Jagger's weights along with a few other things that have been happening around our household. ;)



The Herods said...

Bedtime seems to be the toughest around our house too and we only have one to get bathed and ready for bed! Glad we aren't the only ones with a crying child. It is so great to see the babies are growing and doing so well! Happy 6 months to all of you!

The Carlsons said...

How cute! I love each of their videos. It shows each one's personality, even at that age. You and Nick are having too much fun with those cute kiddos of yours :D And the older they get the more you enjoy and love them. Yes, that's possible :D

Happy 1/2 Bday guys and gal!
-fellow quad mom of 17mo GGGG and a 5yo boy

Lisa said...

Happy 6 month birthday to the babies! Watching the videos made me miss them even more...you are forewarned: I am coming for a visit SOOOONN!!

Tracy said...

So stikin cute! Funny how you can already see each of their personalities already! Love their laughs!

studentrntiffany said...

Beautiful!! Congrats and Happy half birthday Little Lambes