We're 5 Months Old!

I can't believe it...5 months already! Since I have been such a pitiful excuse of a blogger lately, I promise to post lots of pics. Oh yeah...and thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day shopping and then spending time with my precious angels. The best birthday EVER!

Okay, so where to begin...first we had Aunt Lynn and cousin Seth (Nick's sister and our nephew) come visit last month. I believe it was love at first sight...for both Aunt Lynn and the babies! We had such a good visit with them and are looking forward to another visit in August. Then, we had the pleasure of our AC going out for a few days in this miserable 100 degree weather. Of course we relocated to GG and Big Pop's house until it was fixed. We also had our 4 month well visit. Dr. said babies are doing great and growing nicely. You be the judge (these weights are from a few weeks ago):

Madden - 11lbs 12ozs
Jagger - 11lbs 13ozs
Sloan - 12lbs 3ozs
Rocco - 13lbs 3ozs

She also said that it was time to start feeding these babies! How exciting...uh, messy too! Little did I know what we were really in for. They have gotten much better than when we first started. They started with rice cereal for a couple of weeks then we introduced some veggies this past week. I am having fun making their food...it really saves lots of money as you can imagine buying baby food for four!

Seth and Jagger

Aunt Lynn & Rocco

Madden's first attempt at eating cereal

Rocco likes it!

uh...are you kidding?!?

Jagger's not amused

Madden went to the pulmonologist a couple weeks ago. He is doing great each time they test him off the oxygen, but we still can't get rid of it completely until he has done a sleep study. The dr. just wants to be certain he will still do okay in a deep sleep. We are able to take him off the oxygen for a couple of hours each day. Our sleep study is scheduled for July 21st in New Orleans. Also, Jagger had his appointment with the eye doctor for his hemangioma in his eye (you can see it in his right eye in the picture above.) Good news is that his vision is equally good in both eyes and that the hemangioma is not affecting his vision. It should go away on its own but it may take several years. The dr. said it will be the brightest and biggest during the ages of 3-6 months then should start to lighten and get smaller...eventually go away.

We had a great Fourth of July...spending the day at my parents house with the entire fam. The babies even went for a dip in their new pool.

Our first 4th as a family (Rocco, Sloan, Madden & Jagger)

Our American Baby (Rocco) cheesin'!

Little Miss sporting her red, white and blue

Sweet little Madden

Our little firecracker...Jagger

Sloan swimming

Jagger likes it...

Madden - not so much!

Rocco laid back

Our home theater - Jagger & Madden in the cheap seats!

Sleeping buddies - Jagger & Madden

Sloan napping with her lovie

Okay...so this is what I do when I have 3 boys awake and I am by myself. What is wrong with me?!?

Madden - How you doin?

Jagger - Get this thing off of me!!!

Sloan, Rocco & Jagger (Madden was sleeping)

Sweet girl

Jude, Nate, Jagger & Evan - after eating peas

Geaux Tigers!

Nick and the boys on Father's Day




Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing so many great photos!!! So cute and getting so big!

Kimberly & Alex said...

love all the adorable pics! especially swimming - too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! The ones with the guys in their do-rags is hilarious!

Amy said...

love the picture of them in their LSU gear! GEAUX TIGERS! the picture of the boys in their bandannas is pretty funny.

i have to say i'm pretty surprised that their doctor told you to start them on solids at 4 months, especially since they were preemies, since many recommendations say to wait till 6 months. i would think (esp since their adjusted age would be like 2 months less than they actually are) that they would have wanted you to wait longer. not judging or criticizing or anything, just surprised.

Cochran Quads said...

So sweet!!!! I can't wait to see them again. Crossing my fingers its very very soon!

Lisa said...

Love the pics...esp the do-rags!

Barrett and Jen said...

Adorable! They are getting so big!

Jac Tubre said...

They are getting so big and more adorable everytime I see pictures! I really need to get by there, shame on me!


Suzanne said...

sweet, sweeeeeeeeeet baby quaddies! i LOVE the pics!