Introductions necessary

Meet Sloan.
sloan [slohn] - girly girl. tough as nails. collector of ALL 
things. bossy. shy(in public). thumb-sucker. smart. sassy. pink 
lover. little momma. witty. sweet. pizza lover.

Meet Rocco.
rocco [rok-koh] - deep thinker. creative. easy-going(with 
MOST things). orderly. structured. animated. goofy. bossy.
decisive. musical. sweet lover.

Meet Madden.
madden [mad-n] - silly. funny. diligent. artistic. giggly.
compassionate. musical. mischievous. snuggle buddy. hair
twirler. early bird. stubborn.

Meet Jagger.
jagger [jag-er] - passionate. competitive. athletic. emotional.
considerate. smart. active. a licker. lover of sports. cool. good
listener. friendly.

And together....
They're a whole lot of fun!

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Carranza3plets said...

IT's great to "see" you all again. I've checked back in every once in a while to see if you'd be back. :) I have triplets (7 yrs. this week) and found your blog through the triplet connection years ago. Your children are adorable. I hope you are all well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for coming back! I too have checked and re-checked to see if you had posted anything. My, how they have grown. Love seeing you all again!

K Carter from CA said...

Thank you for the update! I am a mother of twins and enjoy your blog immensely. Your children have grown so much and are beautiful.