Halloween 2012

Well, y’all know how much fun I have with this costume thing, right?  I just love it.  BUT I have a feeling this may be my last year to “convince” the kids that my costume ideas are the best!  In fact, I think I almost lost that battle this year.  One of my monkeys wasn’t so sure on my ideas and was adamant on being a clown.  His mind was made up.  Luckily, I came up with three other costumes that went with a clown and it actually made for a very cute group theme.  Thanks for that Jagger!

So the circus we would be.  Eh, not a far stretch.

HUGE thanks to my mom for making the costumes!  An idea/design only pays off if you have someone to execute it and she did it awesome!  And actually, she made Jagger’s clown costume 36 years ago for my brother, Travis.  Check this out…

photo (4)

And now introducing….IMG_2536Jaggy the Clown!


Love this!

And next up the SENSATIONAL elephant trainer…


Pretty girl!

Every elephant trainer needs an elephant!

ONLY for her

And HERE is our own little circus monkey…

IMG_2577Madden Jax!

IMG_2567So sweet Smile

And finally, no circus would be complete without a Ringmaster!  Meet…

IMG_2587The AMAZING Rocco!


And all together…

IMG_2619It is the GREATEST show on Earth!  At least, I think so!

Love these faces!

Every year we have a party with lots of kids.  I wish I would have thought to take a big group picture every year.  Maybe we will start it next year!  But here are some party guests I did snap pics of…

IMG_2639Caleb the pirate!

IMG_2641Kate the princess puppy!

IMG_2642Gavin the jailbird! (Hopefully this isn’t a picture of things to come Winking smile)

IMG_2645Cassie as Minnie Mouse!

IMG_2652The Cole Family

IMG_2653Jamie, Rylee and Francis

IMG_2657Brinkley as Jesse

So that’s another Halloween behind us and a great one for the memory books.  Our fourth Halloween. Wow.  That is crazy.  Here’s a look at our Halloween past…

IMG_1302Wizard of Oz, 2011

Rockband – Guns N’ Rattles, 2010

The 4 Little Lambes, 2009

Which is your favorite?

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Elizabeth Goodwin said...

I think my favourite is the Guns N' Rattles. The kiddos as rockers is just so awesome.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness. Your Halloween costumes are the BEST!

Renee said...

So creative and cute. Love them all. Amazing how fast they grow up and can change in 1 years time.

Colette said...

Ahhh, just found you blog and love it! Catching up on older posts too and your kids are adoreable! Will you be back with some updates please???

Theresa (Capri + 3) said...

They are all cute costumes. What has been happening? I realized I had not seen a post from you in a long time. I hope your family has been doing well.