2 year photo session

Only a couple months late…they were actually 2 years and 3 months old in these pictures.  My good friend Mandy at Musemeche Photography was so kind to go to the Rural Life Museum here in Baton Rouge and shoot these awesome pictures of the kids.  It was really a great place to take pictures. We just let the kids run and play and she just captured them in their natural element.  Here are some of my favorites…

(L to R: S,R,M & J)

Pictures of 40 little piggies NEVER get old to me

(L to R: J,R,S,M)

And Sloan, being the little diva she is, may have a moment from time to time which gives us the opportunity  to get pictures of just the boys together…

This particular time, she had just gotten into some ants :(
(L to R: J,R,M)

LOVE this one! (Little Miss in the mud/water?  Maybe another day)
(L to R: M, R, J)

Does this look like trouble or what? (L to R: R,J,M) As for miss, she just wasn’t into what they were conspiring!

And I LOVE these watermelon shots! Jagger wasn’t into his watermelon this day, but it still made for cute photos!

(L to R: J,M,R,S)

Num Num!

Madden. Love those baby blues!

Big Boy and his watermelon stained cheeks!

Thanks Mandy for our awesome pics! 

Have a great week!

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SOOOO Cute and getting so big! :)

Carranza3plets said...

These are such precious pictures!!!