It’s Carnival Time….

And EVERYBODY’S having fun!  We took the kids to their first Mardi Gras parade on Sunday in Thibodaux, LA.  Such a great time! And I also learned that this was Nick’s first Mardi Gras parade too!  Tell me how it is you get to be 37 years old and have lived in Louisiana for 25+ years and never have been to a parade?!Hmmph.  You think you know someone Winking smile It made me super excited to experience this with all five of them.

IMG_8946 The first timers – before the parade started, eating lunch

How do you like that contraption?!? G.G.’s brilliant design.  And it was very safe, I promise, the ladders were staked down.  I must say it made the parades much more enjoyable for us…to have the kids confined!  They didn’t seem to mind ONE bit.  It makes me giggle to think of what was going through the minds during the parades.  I mean really…who are these people, on big moving things, that are throwing me fun stuff?  There’s music.  Everyone’s smiling.  Everyone’s got their hands in the air.  This is really fun, but weird.  Haha! Can you imagine?

IMG_8961 “Throw us something mister!”

I took LOTS of pictures so I put this video together.  It also has pictures of the kids playing with ALL (and boy did they get some stuff!) their Mardi Gras treasures yesterday. 


This is how you know a good time was had by ALL…


HAPPY MARDI GRAS!  Hope everyone had a fun and safe one!


P.S.  Madden’s surgery is scheduled for this Friday (3/11) at 7am.  Please keep him, the surgical team, and us in your prayers.  I will try to post an update over the weekend. 

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waiting said...

I love this post! They are so cute in their invention. Your mom is so smart! Gavin is Griffin's twin:) I love the pic of the boys with the toothbrushes! That is so funny! And the one of all 6 of you is great! Glad yall had fun! Praying for Madden and you continually!