18 months and counting…

Since this is our virtual baby book, I need to take the time to write down everything about our 18 month-old quaddies.  Rest assured, this post also has pictures and even a video so if you want to skip over all this baby talk…by all means go right ahead!

What’s a household with four toddlers like?  Busy, busy, busy.  We still stick to a schedule…although we may deviate from time to time.  I think this is still  best for both momma and the kiddos.  Our schedule these days looks a little like this:

7-7:30 – Wake up and breakfast 
9:30 – 10:30-45– naptime (all four on a good day!)
11:00 – snack
12:30 or 1 – lunch
2:00 – 3:30 – naptime (yes…we still have two-a-days! Hallelujah!)4:00 – Snack
6:30 – Supper
7:00 – Baths
7:30 – Bedtime (We are a long way from our 2 hour nightly routine!)

And when they are not eating or sleeping, they are busy destroying playing in the living room.  It’s too hot to go on walks outside these days so if we are in the mood for a walk…we load up and go to the mall.  At least once a week, we head to G.G. and Big Pop’s to go swimming…they love that!  The babies still get OT and PT so the therapists come to “play” with them a couple days a week too! 

Words we are saying (consistently):  tiger (a favorite in our house – still working on LSU), dog, cat, bear, daddy, momma, fish, book, nose, bite, toes, eye, shoe, peek-a-boo, G.G., nanny, Pop, ball, light, duck, more, go, night night, bye-bye, car, juice, truck – to name a few. We have heard some tougher words that they say but maybe not as consistently as the others – kangaroo, grandmama, grandaddy, dinosaur, library, church.  And of course, they love animal sounds too!

What are our favorite activities? reading (or being read to rather), playing in the ball pit, sliding, swimming, taking baths, watching Einstein, singing songs, climbing on furniture (a fairly new activity!), playing chase and being tickled. Oh, they LOVE to be outside…it’s just SO hot right now.  We can’t wait for the cooler weather!

I am always looking for little outings that are fun and manageable.  Just last week we took them to Portrait Innovations for their 18 month photo shoot.  The photographer, Mary Beth, pulled me aside before we began to ask me about my “expectations.”  I had to laugh because I know she was trying to feel me out to see how much pressure she was under to get all the kids looking, smiling, and in position.  I think she was relieved to know that all I was expecting was four in the shot together!  I believe she took 127 pictures in 20 minutes.  We got a couple of decent shots…

0024 Madden, Sloan, Rocco, Jagger

0011I love this picture for 3 reasons:
1. The boys are staring at us like we are idiots – if you only knew the shenanigans going on behind the camera, sometimes I think that would make the better picture!
2.  I love Rocco’s hand on Madden.  Too sweet!
3.  Sloan, Sloan Sloan – that girl!  She just would NOT sit down.  You can even see in the first shot she is about to come out of that chair. This is just HER at this age, and I have proof…






Oh it is so a game!  Since this is the reality of the situation, I always end up with a lot of pictures that look like this…

0014  IMG_5772

IMG_5899 IMG_5967

So these days it’s hard to get that perfect picture…maybe one day soon they will cooperate a little better!  Until then, let’s remember this one…

Lambe_6 Ahhhhh!

And now for 18 month stats…  0099

31 3/4” tall
11 teeth                         


31 7/8” tall
13 teeth 




30 1/2” tall
12 teeth



23# 11ozs
30 3/4” tall
14 teeth


It’s already hard for us to remember how small they use to be.  I really had fun putting this video together and seeing just how much a difference a year makes!  WOW! 



jag said...

Wow! Kami, they are just beyond beautiful! I love that Sloan is on the move in almost every picture - even the non-photo shoot ones! She looks like such fun! Hugs!

Charity Donovan said...

Sloan CRACKS me up! You still get some BEAUTIFUL shots! So cute!