The 1st Birthday Baa-aash!!

So the big day was a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't go without posting pics of that special day. To us it was more than just a birthday party for Sloan, Rocco, Madden & Jagger, it was a special celebration of their first year of life. Life...because in the beginning, we were told that the chances of coming home with all four babies were not great...and coming home with four healthy babies, well even worse. We know that our God is bigger than statistics. And yes, He could have chosen to take one, two or all of our children and we would have accepted that it was part of His plan. But He didn't. He gave us four healthy babies. We want to praise Him everyday, especially this day, and give Him all the glory.

The invitation

The memorabilia table

The food table

The birthday boys' and girl's special seats

The awesome cake
(made with love by G.G.)

the party hat smash cakes

Party favors: "Thank ewe for coming!" lamb cupcakes

The party was great. We were surrounded by lots of friends and family which is exactly how we wanted to celebrate the day. Unfortunately, I think our little ones were a little unsure of all the buzz or it could have been their change in schedule, but we didn't capture too many of those million dollar smiles we see so often everyday. All four babies were very cautious when digging into their cakes which was a little surprising to me. I was expecting them to dive right in judging they way they reach for and grab at their food at home. It took a little while, but they eventually got comfortable as you will see in the pics.

One guest of honor, Madden with Grandaddy

Daddy with birthday boy, Jagger

The princess mingling...thrilled, huh?

Family Pic
(Jagger, Sloan, Madden, and Rocco)

There's a smile!

The boys with their cute hats...we were trying to get Missy Ma'am to wear hers. She wasn't having it!

This was when we were singing Happy Birthday to Jagger (yes, we sang it four times)...the look he was giving everyone was priceless!

Madden: "Are you serious?"

Jagger liked it...and yes, that is only green icing in his nose!

That's the way Sloanie. Oh and of course, she had to have a wardrobe change to eat cake!

Roc: "Yummmmm...."

Momma and cake monster, Rocco

And Look who dropped by?!? The Tubre quads and their parents, Jac and Torey. Thanks for coming guys!
Now that's alot of babies!
(Nick with Madden & Jagger, Torey with Tyger and Cullen, Jac with Emma and Abby, Me with Sloan and Rocco)

A collage of other special guests

And once the big "kids" cleared off the jump-jump, we let the babies have a turn.

Nate (our nephew), Nick and Alicia

"Yeah, so what's the big deal?"

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us. Special thanks to our friend and photographer, Chad Keith, for taking these priceless pictures for us. To G.G., thanks for all of your hard work with the party....thanks for helping to make the day super special for us! We love you.



Stephanie said...

Wow..looks like a fabulous party! I love the theme, decorations and all the goodies!! Super cute!!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Katie B said...

love, love, love it! Great job on the party- every detail perect....no surprise there:) What a wonderful mommy you are! Praising God with you.

Suzanne said...

LOOOOOOOVE these pics! the party was perfect---amazing bright colors! you did SUCH a great job, woman! congrats to you and nick for surviving that first year- such a HUGE accomplishment! and so good to see those precious tubres there to celebrate with you!!!

can't wait to party with you, myself! ;)

Jac Tubre said...

Thanks for having us! I love the picture you posted of us and our crews...it is great!

That party was UNBELIEVABLE! You did a great job on it girlfriend!!

Thanks for coming with your crew to play today. It was too much fun and we must do it again soon!

Love you,

The Cochran Crew said...

Love the party pics! Looks like so much fun! Wish we would have been able to make it! Glad we got to party with you today though!!! Love Ya!

Hilary said...

How much fun!! Cute pictures too :)

waiting said...

The party was great! The babies are so precious! We love yall!

The Carlsons said...

What fun! Happy 1st Birthday Sloan, Rocco, Madden & Jagger! Man, it just seems like the other day that they were born. Now, they are entering the "toddler years." Amazing!

Praise God for how well they all are doing! Praying He continues to take care of them, growing and developing them, and that He continues to give you and Nick strength and stamina! :D

-Maria (fellow quad mom of 23mo GGGG and a 5yo boy)
P.S. I LOVE the outfits, cakes and party decor. Awesome! We, too, did the girls' 1st bday in their "colors" :D

King Quads said...

"Ewe" did an awesome job Mama (and Daddy). What a great birthday baaaasshh! So creative.

Congrats on the 1st year, it just gets better and better.

Love those Lambes!