New Memories, New Developments and New Friends!

Hi! I have a lot to catch up on...so here goes.

Last month, we had a great visit with Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill from Tennessee. This was their first time to meet the babies. They are grandparents of twins so they understand first hand life with multiples!

Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat with Jagger, Rocco, Sloan and Madden
I think Madden might have been a little tired of taking pics ;)

Aunt Pat made these beautiful personalized quilts for each of the babies

Sloan loved hers!

Uncle Bill keeping Jagger and Madden in line

"Thanks Aunt Pat...we LOVE the LSU blankets you made for us...our daddy does too!"
(Clockwise: Sloan, Madden, Jagger, Rocco)

Also last month, we went to a couple of parties. Sloan was invited to a Fancy Nancy birthday party by her friend Mikalyn. It was such a cute party. The girls dressed up, made purses, picked out accessories, had a fashion show and decorated their own cupcakes! Sloan couldn't participate in everything but of course, she had to dress the part...

Sloan and the birthday girl, Mikalyn

Here is Sloan with her fancy cousin Rylee!

It was a such a nice few hours spent with my baby girl! I look forward to many more momma/daughter days!

I didn't get many pictures from our LSU party, but here is another of Sloan dressing the part...

Sloan and her friend Reid

Now, you might think that she wouldn't like wearing those tutus...being itchy and all....that was Nick's concern anyway. I kid you not, when I put the tutu on her and the tulle touched her skin, she let out a giddy little sigh. She is such the princess already!

The babies turned 8 months old this month! They are getting so big. Crazy how time flies. I thought you might be interested in their most current weights and recent developments.

Rocco - 19lbs 2ozs
Sloan - 19lbs 2ozs - she caught up to Rocco! She is quite the eater.
Jagger - 17lbs 2ozs
Madden - 16lbs 8ozs

Just as of last week, we have two babies with two teeth each....Rocco and Jagger. Sloan and Madden can't be far behind judging by the pool of drool left behind wherever they have been! Sloan is rolling all over the place, but the boys are only rolling from belly to back. They are all sitting pretty good. I still sit right by them or put pillows around them in case they take a dive...which they still do pretty often. So is that considered sitting? If not, they are very very close! Here are some pics from our days together...

Rocco showing off his skills

Jagger, a little unsure still with his balance

Madden, up close and personal

Sloan playing dress up again

...and again!

Happy Rocco...notice the drool!

Madden and Jagger fighting over a toy...yes, it's a pink Monkey...don't tell daddy!

Jagger in his new jumperoo

Silly Sloanie

Roc kicked back in his lazy boy

Sloan's impersonation of Kate Gosselin

Party in Sloan's crib
(M, J, S, R)

I think she was the only one that thought it was fun!

Madden crowd-surfing!
Okay....so this is another one of those mom is bored and alone with the kids pics. Before you judge me for subjecting my children to this, I will tell you that they were all laughing until I got the camera out and ready. They were having fun....REALLY!

Aww...precious little girl! She couldn't wait to get home for her nap.

This is a video of Jagger and Madden loving each other. So fun!

Oh yeah, we started eating meat this month! GG and I are still making all their baby food and they usually like just about everything we have made, but meat...not so much! We started with chicken first. They have definitely gotten better with it, but this video of Jagger will show you just how much they don't love it!

Finally, we had the pleasure of spending the day with some new friends. For the LSU/Florida game, we tailgated with fellow quadparents Torey and Jac Tubre, along with Matt and Sandra Cochran and Billy and Moni Graf. The game turned out to be a let down, but we did have a great time with them and look forward to seeing them again. Special thanks to grandmama and grandaddy for keeping the kiddos while we could go play!

Sandra, Jac, Moni (Yes...she is wearing Alabama...the nerve! ;) and me

The quadfathers proud of their baby bellies!
(Nick, Matt, Billy)

Roll Tide Roll...around the bowl and down the hole!

Billy does a mean Johnny Cash!

That's one tired little mama...I know Jac, anywhere you can get it, huh?

Moni and Sandra - Good times!

Until next post.


Tracy said...

The babies are getting so big and soo cute! Just little people.

Glad you guys got some time away!

Jac Tubre said...

Thanks for not posting the pic of me with my mouth open :)

The babies could not be any cuter. And those weights are Amazing!! Tyger only weighs 20 lbs and he is almost 25 months...poor little dude :)

Love you!

waiting said...

So cute! Still haven't checked the mail:) Love the pic of Reid and Sloan.

Amy said...

oh my goodness that crowd surfing picture is hilarious, they're all making crazy eyes! the quadfather belly picture is pretty funny too

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!!! The pic of the boys is HILARIOUS!!! I need to snag that one off your blog!!! Such cute pics of the babies too and I love the princess little Miss Sloan is!!!

jag said...

Holy smokes girl! You guys have some CUTE babies! I just can't even find the words to describe how beautiful every one of them is! GRACIOUS! They even look good in LSU gear! Hehe!

I am so so happy you all got together for a good ole' butt whooping by those Gators. At least you had great friends to cry with, right?! I kid! I kid! Seriously, that looked like a blast!

Misty said...

THose pics are great! I so would have loved to have been at that game!!!!! THe babies look adorable & so glad you got to hang with all of those quadmamma's.

Oh, and we have the exact same LSU blankets here too! I LOVE THEM :)

Geaux Tigers!

Moni Graf said...

Love it! Can I steal some of those pics (I guess it's not stealing if I ask permission...but you know what I mean)?

So glad you got away for awhile to tailgate and go to the game. Maybe next time the kids can come. Wait, what am I saying?!

I was cracking up over the baby-surfing, mom is bored and alone with the kids, pics and commentary! I know what that's all about!

Love ya!