They're Keepers!

We went to the doctor this week for a weight check. Drumroll, please....

Coming in last, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, Madden weighed in at 9lbs 8ozs.
Our little man is not so little anymore, Jagger weighed in at 9lbs 9ozs.
Little Miss gave up her title, Sloan weighed in at 10lbs 6ozs.
And our new heavyweight, Big Rocco weighed a whopping 10lbs 11ozs!

We definitely have four really good eaters. I'm not looking forward to our grocery bill when they are 15! Currently, Madden is taking 4 ozs, Sloan and Jagger are taking 4-5 ozs and Big Man is taking 5 ozs every feed. They are still eating every four hours. Friday night was the longest they have gone between feeds...we fed them at 10 and the first baby woke up at 3:30...that's 5 1/2 hours! It won't be long now...I can just taste a full night's sleep! Speaking of, I want to thank my SIL Kemper and good friend Meredith for spending the night with us. I had my first full night's sleep this week and it was really good!

In other Lambe family news, we purchased my new minivan this week! We ended up going with the Honda Odyssey and I just love it! It's just what I've always dreamed of...a minivan loaded with kids...really!

The boys love to ride! (R,M and J)

I did almost have a little incident this week. I ran a quick errand while the babies were at my mom's. When I pulled back in to the garage, I couldn't tell exactly but I knew I was really close to hitting the side. I thought...let me just park here. Let me preface these pictures by saying, I am a good driver just a little out of practice AND there was another car in the driveway so I couldn't swing out as far as I normally would have.

VERY close to having one sad Momma and one mad Daddy!



Ms. Beverly said...

The pictures that went with your story of the new van don't come up.
Hope to come with Linda J. to see ya'll soon.

Tracy said...


Glad everyone is doing well!

Cochran Quads said...

I ditto Ms. Beverly, can't see the pics, but CONGRATS on those weights!! And YAY for a full night's sleep!

Ginger said...

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog. I am a labor and delivery nurse at Good Sam and never had the pleasure of taking care of you. I so enjoyed reading your story. I am also a Christian and was so moved by your faith. God Bless you and your four little Lambes

The Carlsons said...

Uff! That was close ;) Congrats on the new ride. Yes, that is one van-full of kids...a good things :D

Thanks for the updates!
-fellow quad mom of 15mo GGGG and a 5yo boy

Suzy said...

I have 6-month-old BGBG quads, and I have a question about your Odyssey. I didn't think our Chiccos fit three abreast in the back row, but your photo clearly shows the three boys in the back seat ... is there a trick to it? Or perhaps you have a different model than us? We have a 2009. I'd love to know if we can fit three carseats in the back ... thanks!!