8 weeks and counting!

That's right...today makes 8 weeks! The embryos are now officially termed "fetuses" and are about the size of a small strawberry. Since we found out we were pregnant, Nick has been calling them "beans." I explained to him that they are now bigger than beans, but I believe it's too late, the nickname has already stuck. I can picture him still calling them that when they are fourteen! Some of you have asked how I am feeling...if I am experiencing any usual pregnancy symptoms. So far so good! No morning sickness to date....praise the Lord! I have been able to eat whatever I want although I have been trying to eat lots of fruit, protein and vegetables and drink lots of water. However, I have also eaten the occasional juicy cheeseburger or cheese nachos with jalapenos. I am, after all, eating for five!

Tomorrow we will have our first appointment with a Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor. The doctor will be specifically looking at the bloodflow of the babies and making sure each one is in their own little yolk sac. Please pray for good results from this appointment!

I have one more request. As you can tell by the time of this post, I am not sleeping well. When my head hits the pillow at night, I usually have no trouble falling asleep. At some point I wake up (usually after one of my many trips to the bathroom) and doubts, fears, and concerns start entering my head. As much as I want to turn them off and just roll over and go to sleep, Satan keeps them coming. Now I know some of you are probably thinking....well, she just better get used to those sleepless nights. And to that I say, when these sleepless nights are because of 4 precious angels given to me by God, bring it on! But when the sleepless nights are because of Satan and his antics, well...that's just not cool. I would ask for prayer for Nick in this department too, but it seems as though he is having no trouble at all. I actually hear him snoring as I type this! :) Even the dogs are getting very restful nights!

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Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

I came across your blog since Jac Tubre gave a little shout out to you! First off, congratulations! I will keep you and your family in the works in my prayers. I think it's so cute Nick calls them beans. My husband still calls our daughter Lexi bean or just the bean. It's really cute!