Two Firsts…

On Labor Day (which was the last day before school started), Nick and I took the kids to their first movie.  No, we didn’t see Disney’s Brave or any other Blockbuster film.  We saw The Ooglieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. 

Oh my.  The things we do for our littles. Winking smile

In all seriousness, it really was a fun movie for them.  An interactive movie experience…they could stand up, sing and dance at the appropriate times.  And being that there was only one other lady with two kids in the whole theater, I joined in a couple of times too!  They even handed out little butterfly glow sticks to each of the kids when we bought the tickets. 



Popcorn and drinks all around! (J,S,R,M)



This picture cracked me up!


IMG_2226Trying to figure out why their glow sticks weren’t glowing anymore!

And then it was home for supper, baths and bed because after all, it’s a school night!

IMG_2259All ready for their first day!  (R,M,J,S)

Of course, I joined in with all you other Pinterest junkies and borrowed some back to school picture ideas.  Sidenote:  These answers may change on any given day, but these were their actual answers on September 13, 2012. 






Dear Lord,

It is my prayer that You will…
Bless these little hands as they paint, color, share and pick up toys…
Guide these little feet while they walk in a single file line and run on the playground…
Help these little eyes to see the good in others and the beauty in Your creation…
Lead these little mouths as they sing songs, eat a healthy lunch, and speak kind words…
Direct these little minds to learn new things, follow directions and do the right thing…
Open their hearts to make new friends and learn more about You and Your Word…
And please watch over and protect Your little children that You graciously blessed us with.  Thank You for loving us.


Happy School Year to all of you!

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