Full Hearts


“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”
1 Chronicles 16:34(NIV)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lambes!  Now go get your gobble on!


…to the beat of their own drum

When it was time for our little army to eat a meal or snack, we have always marched them to their quad table.  Sloan started marching like this first and the boys soon followed with the same exact marching style.  So this really isn’t new in our household, but it is the first time I have gotten it on video(everyone except for Sloan).

Hope you have a great weekend!




Yeah…I’m with the band

Before we get to the real deal costumes, I thought I would share some of our other festive pics of the season.  These next couple were taken under the persimmon tree on the compound.

IMG_6819 S, R, M, J – in their new glow-in-the-dark pj’s
**The first time they wore these to bed…Rocco cried and cried when we turned off the lights.  Poor little guy was so afraid of the mysterious glow illuminating from his body.  He didn’t glow all night ;) and we got a good laugh out of it!

IMG_6809 IMG_7001 Awww…sweet Sloan loving on Rocco!  Happy Halloween little Lambes!

IMG_7033 And Happy Birthday to our Big Pop – the best Big Pop (or pig pop as they would say) in the world!

We started brainstorming on ideas a few months back on what to dress the kids as for our Halloween party.  Of course, we are still in the phase where they have no opinions and WE get to pick their costumes…which is OH SO much fun for me!  I know in a couple of years it will be different (still fun though, seeing each of their personalities shine through.)  So we went through the list , Wizard of Oz characters, 3 little pigs and big bad wolf  - funny to think of Sloan dressed as the wolf, but not quite what I had in mind, um…let’s see…what else….well anyway, there were a lot of choices.  How do you decide?  So pretty often we get comments or questions about the kids’ names.  Many people say how they sound like rock star names or ask if we named them after rock stars.  No, we didn’t.  But we liked the idea :)  And that is how we got to this…

HW0-0008 Guns N’ Rattles (because New Quads on the Block wasn’t cool enough for daddy)

HW0-0013 They really got in to playing the part…haha! (Front to Back: S, R, M, J)

They even come with their own stage names…

HW0-0020aSloanie Sloan – our pop princess!

HW0-0026a Roc-O – our classic rock guy, complete with bandana and smokey eyes!

HW0-0022aMJ – our pop guy, Justin Timberlake inspired with fedora and skinny jeans!

HW0-0024aLil’ Jag – our punk rocker, complete with green faux-hawk and tatted sleeve!

IMG_7059Rock on sista!

HW0-0044  Diva and daddy

76214_10150101820748626_539943625_7446617_7074718_n Rockin’ the guyliner!

IMG_7063Down and dirty!

HW0-0045Just a swingin’


Oh MY cute baby booty in skinny jeans!

HW0-0052 Who says punks can’t play football?

HW0-0043Lookin' for some groupies

Some other cute costumes at the party…

 IMG_7060 Baby Cash as a bag of cash and his parents, the bank robbers

IMG_7064 Disco diva and Pocahontas

IMG_7073Rylee Shaine as pink cat

IMG_7071 Evan as Guns N’ Rattles’ Agent

Trick or treating - rock and roll style….   

HW0-0061 “Make way…band coming through”

IMG_7079 Daddy and Sloan leading the pack– the girl got it after the first house when she saw the candy go in her pumpkin.  She was not letting go of that pumpkin…no way!

IMG_7081Jagger with Grandaddy – he was doing his thing!

IMG_7087 Madden and Nanny – having a good time!

IMG_7080Grandmama & Rocco – our pokey man

IMG_7088  Lil’ Jag: “Hey…where’d my bus go?”

IMG_7091 Sloanie Sloan checking out her loot

IMG_7070 “Hurry Daddy, the paparazzi spotted us!”

Hope y’all had a safe and fun Halloween!


Kami (a.k.a. G N’ R’s #1 fan)