Hello 2010!

We brought the new year in with a bang...well, if you call me being in bed by 9:45 a bang! It is much more of a treat to have the babies back on schedule (in bed by 7:30) and have them sleeping through the night again than to go out with my festive clutch and high heels! Besides, I would have been going out solo because the hubs went on a shotgun trip with my dad and brothers to the Capital One Bowl game in Orlando. They left on Thursday around noon and were home this morning around 3am. Oh and did I mention they drove? All for the love of those Tigers.

The game didn't end as hoped but at least they had good seats...

They even made it on TV!

So since Nick wasn't around for a New Years kiss, I had to find somebody else to take his place. It wasn't too hard.

My four New Year's kisses

Bringing in the new decade

Party like a princess!

What does 2010 have in store for us? I can't believe in just six short weeks the babies will be turning 1! And I guess we will soon find out what raising four 1-year-olds is really like. Lord help us! Oh yeah, and Sloan wants to bring the rat tail back in 2010.

Any takers? C'mon...it's cool. :)

So here's to fewer sad faces...

and more happy faces...
lots of laughs...and more bubble baths!