Goodbye 2009!!!

As it is coming to an end, I have been reflecting on the events of this last year. Other than the death of Michael Jackson and the dreadful swine flu pandemic(and countless other happenings in '09 - which you all know about), they are many reasons why I will remember the year 2009:
  • For four months, I lived away from the only home I've ever known
  • I'm pretty sure it's the only year that I started with the thought, "I'm going to gain as much weight as possible!"
  • I held, kissed and looked into the eyes of each of my four beautiful and healthy babies
  • I watched the man I love become an incredible daddy
  • I heard the sweetest laughter from my children's lips
  • I learned what it means to love deeper than I ever thought was possible
  • I was humbled by the generosity, love and support of my family and friends (and some strangers too!)
But what I will remember MOST about 2009:
  • The year my dreams came true! I love you Sloan. I love you Rocco. I love you Madden. I love you Jagger. I love you Nick. Thank you Lord for my precious family.
"Lookout 2010, here we come!"

May you all have a blessed New Year!



Our First Christmas

Well, we started the week off with ear infections and nasty colds/coughs. I can say it wasn't an ideal first Christmas because of the sickness, but it was still wonderful and my best Christmas to date! Our festivities started with the Rogers (my) family and ended with the Lambes - actually we are still enjoying the company of Nick's family that is in from out of town. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the annual Christmas Eve candlelight service at church this year, but we did use our dimmer light switch and listen to O Holy Night on the radio which was my attempt to create our own Christmas Eve service. As if Christmas with our beautiful, healthy quads wasn't exciting enough, we also learned that our family will increase by two more next year. NO...I'm not pregnant...but my brother, Travis, and his wife Sissy are expecting their third along with my cousin Jana and her hubby Casey expecting their first. So exciting! Last year we were saying..."just wait til next year!" and this year we are saying "just wait til next year!" I have a feeling Christmases around here are just going to get better and better with each year.

In quaddie news, Sloan is officially crawling...Jagger is oh so close. Sloan also is saying ma-ma and da-da all the time, and in my opinion it is the sweetest sound! And her latest milestone....she pulled up to her feet on Christmas day. Rocco and Jagger both have two teeth on the bottom and top. Madden has two on bottom and 1 on top. These crazy boys are still only rolling one way and are not crawling yet but will get up on their knees. Unofficial weights...Sloan & Rocco - about 22 lbs, Jagger - almost 20lbs, and Madden - almost 19 lbs. Sloan has proven to be the rock star sleeping baby...she goes down and she's golden. The boys have been giving us trouble with sleeping lately, but I am thinking it was teething first then their ear infections that are causing the sleepless nights. Hopefully, we will be getting a little more shut-eye around here soon!

I put together this montage of our first Christmas together. It does include some pictures from the weeks leading up to Christmas. Hope you had a Merry Little Christmas with yours!



From Our Family to Yours...

Merry Christmas!

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6




Look Who's In Town?

Yep, that's right...Santa Claus paid us a visit Saturday night. We were curious to see how they would react to jolly ol' St. Nick. They did meet Santa in the mall a few weeks ago (before the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers and we were the first ones to get there and to leave - I promise!) and they all did fine, but I think they were more curious about their surroundings than anything else. To see him on their turf....would it be a different story?

To Rocco - I think so! Not as bad as it could have been so I will attribute his sour attitude to his napping (or lack of) on Saturday!

Even after G.G. saved him, he was still looking like, "who's this crazy man in my house?!?"

"I've been good Santa, really I have!?!" - Jagger

No stranger or Santa anxiety for Madden!

"What can you do for me Santa?" - Sloan

Say "Cheese!" or not!

I can't wait to share our Christmas festivities with you. We took the babies to the doctor today for colds (all 4) and ear infections (the boys.) I'm hoping the antibiotics will have them feeling much better by Christmas day!

Merry Christmas,



10 Months Already!?!

Happy 10 Months Babies!

We love you,
Momma & Daddy