3 Month Pictures

Okay so the babies are now 4 months old, but these are some pics that were taken about a month ago. Ashley Beth Bolotte and Chantelle Larussa, two amazing photographers, came to the house to capture these shots. I highly recommend them...they are particularly excellent with babies and children...they had FOUR babies sleeping for 2 1/2 hours for this shoot. Baby Whisperers...I tell you. Hope you enjoy!

4 Little Sleeping Lambes

Sloan Olivia

My little ballerina

My 3 boys

Rocco Dean

Madden Jax

Jagger Cole

Thanks Ashley Beth and Chantelle! We will cherish these pictures always!




Long Time, No See (So Lots of Pics)

Hello all, Nick here. Obviously our blog updates have slowed down a bit due to the increased activity going on at home. We'll try to do better on the blog updates because no one likes a slacker.

A quick update on the weights (as of mid-last week):
Rocco - 11 lbs, 10 ozs
Sloan - 11 lbs, 1 ozs
Jagger - 10 lbs, 13 ozs
Madden - 10 lbs, 7 ozs

So what does a day at the Lambe household look like these days? Well let's take a look (click on any pic to make it bigger) ...





Our church through Kami a shower and we received lots of goodies that will be put to good use! Me, my dad and Kami's dad kept our crew during the shower. But being the rock stars they are, we decided to crash the party (much to everyone's delight)

Mom and Me

My Dad

Big Pop and GG

Our babies are growing so fast! We are so blessed and they bring SO much joy to our lives and others. Speaking of, thank you to all our volunteers who help out in many ways during the week - we are SO grateful. In closing, I'll leave you with a few more pics. Oh and so you know, don't get too close to Sloan because she will try to eat you!

Until next time,
- Nick and Kami